LED Floating Candle Set - edentreecandles
LED Floating Candle Set - edentreecandles
LED Floating Candle Set - edentreecandles

LED Floating Candle Set

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Are you tired of searching for the missing piece to spark your evening party? Why not try our LED Floating Candle Set!

  • These water submersible LED lights can be used to illuminate fountains, place them in water under decorative water crystal beads or water crystal granules in a vase to create amazing effects
  • The combination of submersible LED lights and decorative water crystals is a beautiful addition to any table centerpieces
  • Material: LED + PP
  • Product Color: White, Clear
  • Product Life: 20000h (normal use)
  • Battery Life: about 100h
  • Product Size: 3.0 x 2.5cm

1. Take the inside paper off the light
2. To activate these lights simply twist the plastic light case closed to form a seal and activate your light. Twist in the opposite direction to turn off

Package content:
1 x 12 pcs/box LED Floating Candle Set

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